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wow what a perfect community

i was searching around for some communities to join cuz i just got my livejournal a week ago or so, and damn this one's perfect! *sigh* now i can ramble on and on about joshua because you sort of gave me permission to be making this community thing, right?

i met him through random search type thting on icq, and we pretty much instantly hit it off since we were both such nerds that sat around at the computer all the time. and i started to grow more and more fond of him. then i started talking to this friend of his, and after i admit that i have a crush on this guy, turns out his friend is actually his girlfriend. i was so crushed, but it didn't stop me from loving him. so eventually one day he told me he was going to break up with his girlfriend to be with me. no one has ever done something like that before. i've had a couple littl eonline relationships, and you knwo ti's just like eh whatever eventually you lose touch or something like that. and the relationships i've had irl were all with real jerks who just wanted to get some. so when joshua told me he was flying up for the weekend just to meet me, i really could not believe it. and dammit i fucking LOVE him. he is so perfect... he's so damn caring and i don't know what i did to deserve such an awesome guy. we started going out on march 25th 2002, and we're still growing strong. he talks about marrying me someday, and when i graduate from high school i'm moving to chicago so we can be together. it is soooo hard being apart.. this year we spent TEN months away from each other... ten goddamn months of pure hell. but seeing him for just two minutes makes a wait like that worth it :D *sigh* i'm so completly in love. it hurts sooooo much to be apart from him. and this guy is soooo honest. like he kids around almost all the time and he has the best sense of humour.. but you can totally tell when he's being serious, and i trust him with all my heart. he just came to see me a couple weeks ago, and he was talking about maybe coming at the end of the summer agian! wow 3 months instead of ten, that just kicks ass... and yeah i love him more than anything in the world.. he's my everything. *sigh* i really think this is forever, i'm such a happy girl.

k so that's that for now, damn it felt good. you don't have to read it if you don't want. i apologize for the typos, i'm a really shitty typer.
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